Couch Cleaning Canberra

Our Couch Cleaning Canberra team offers professional upholstery cleaning, lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning, leather & fabric protection services. Call us on 0488 852 007 to get more details.

Reliable Couch Cleaning Services In Canberra

It is said that you should clean your couch at least once in 18 months in order to keep it clean, hygienic and long lasting! Just like how you clean your clothes on a daily basis, you need to periodically clean your couch upholstery. This is necessary in order to remove dirt, dust, mites, and allergens to ensure sanitary living conditions.

We’re sure; the last thing that you would want is to leave a bad impression on your guests due to the dirty and unhygienic couch. Not anymore! SK Couch Cleaning is a leading couch cleaning services provider in Canberra. From cleaning your couch to drying and sanitising- we cover it all!

Couch Cleaning Canberra
Couch Cleaning Canberra

Benefits Of Hiring Our Couch Cleaning Services

SK Couch Cleaning provides you with the best couch cleaning services in Canberra. Whether you are looking for couch upholstery cleaning services, stain removal and the likes, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs.

How does SK Couch Cleaning benefit you at home? Let us have a look:

  • We make use of the best industrial strength vacuum cleaners that can completely get rid of all kinds of dirt and allergens from your couch. We ensure that we adopt appropriate couch cleaning measures.
  • Additionally, we work towards restoring your couches to their original shape and beauty. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your couch will increase its durability in addition to maintaining its beauty.
  • We are a team of experienced and professional sofa and couch cleaners in Canberra. Once we finish the cleaning process, we also suggest you ways to protect your couch and keep it in good shape.
  • Your sofa gets dirty due to a lot of activity on a daily basis and is thus prone to a lot of dust and mites. This is why we are here to provide you services for couch cleaning Canberra.
  • When you choose to trust us with your couch cleaning, we assure you fresh and clean couches at home. We offer complete all-around protection and cleaning services for your couch.
  • Sofa cleaning is not an easy process. Thus, one has to be extra careful while dealing. SK Couch Cleaning understands this and uses the best and the most suitable solutions on your couch thus protecting your couch from any damage.
Upholstery Cleaning Services
Upholstery Cleaning Services

Couch Cleaning Process Followed By SK Couch Cleaning

We follow an extensive couch cleaning process in Canberra. Here is a step by step guide to our cleaning process:

  • Pre-inspection

    As part of our pre-cleaning process, our technicians will conduct inspections on your couch. This will determine the kind of fabric your couch has and what kind of detergents are to be used. Furthermore, we will also point out potential areas of concern to you before taking necessary actions.

  • Pre-vacuum

    As per our process, we pre-vacuum the textiles we are about to clean. This gets rid of loose dirt and dust such that we can get into a more extensive cleaning process now.

  • Pre-treatment

    Based on the kind of fabric present on your couch, we make use of a specially designed chemical in order to emulsify the soil. Additionally, we pay more attention to the visible spots and treat them to our solution. Then the fabric is groomed with a soft brush to loosen the dirt further.

  • Rinsing

    Thereafter, we rinse the fabric gently to remove the soil.

  • Neutralization

    In order to maintain the soft texture and quality of the fabric, we balance the pH. This re-inserts the refreshing texture of the material.

  • Post-removal treatment

    Any spots which have not been cleaned with the initial treatment are now treated again with special environment-friendly solutions.

  • Drying

    The fabric is dried using a soft brush and high-velocity air movers.

  • Post cleaning inspection

    Once we clean the sofa, our technicians inspect the couch area to ensure that everything is in good shape.

However, in order to ensure a smooth couch cleaning Canberra experience, here are some points that we highly recommend you to keep in mind:

  • We make the right measurements for your couch such that there is no misunderstanding later.
  • Furthermore, if there are any hidden stains, make sure you inform us about the same.
  • If there are any special requirements for your couch fabric, please let us know in advance.
Couch Stain Removal
Couch Stain Removal

How To Identify When Your Couches Need Cleaning?

In case you get busy and forget to get your couch upholstery cleaned, your furniture will indicate that they need to be cleaned now. You will start sensing several symptoms that will help you know that your furniture needs to be cleaned.

  • Unpleasant Smell- If your couch is due for deep cleaning, it will fill your living room with a heavy and dusty stench. Every time you walk into the room, you will be able to sense and smell that.
  • Allergy- Moulds, Yeast, dust mites, and other allergens tend to make a home in the deep corners of your furniture. The increased symptoms of allergy in you and your family will indicate that it is now time to call professional couch cleaners in Canberra.
  • Pet furs- If you are pet parents, then you must know how much inconvenience their shedding causes. We have the latest technology that helps you get rid of hair and furs on your couch.
  • Stains- Some stubborn stains like red wine, coffee, fruit juice, or popsicles, do not leave your upholstery no matter what you use. We have the latest technology that can remove any type of stain from any kind of upholstery fabric without harming it. 

Couch Steam Cleaning, Sanitisation, And Deodorisation- We Have Expertise In All

SK Couch Cleaning in Canberra has several tools and techniques that we use on different types of furniture. Before we start with the cleaning, we inspect the stain and the kind of fabric your furniture is made of. It is after that only we begin with the most effective way of cleaning your upholstery. Our area of expertise lies in Steam Cleaning, Sanitization, and deodorization of the furniture. We not only remove all types of stains but also take care of the allergens like moulds and yeast that can be hazardous for your health.

Services Provided By Us Other Than Couch Cleaning

  • Sofa Cleaning- We have the technology that can make your sofa look brand new and increase its life. Whether you have spilt something or the allergies are increasing, we clean it and deodorize it that increases its life.
  • Chaise Cleaning- We can even clean your chaise lounge. Whether it is mould on your leather sofa or stubborn stains on your expensive silk sofa, we clean everything.
  • Dining Chairs Cleaning- Dining chairs are bound to get dirty. It is not possible to change the upholstery of our dining chairs every other day. Therefore, we can make your dining chairs stain and dust-free.
  • Office Chairs Cleaning- We offer our services for cleaning upholstery in your offices too. Several people come and go into your office. We will sanitize the office chairs and deep clean them.
  • Love Seat Cleaning- Our professionals are well equipped to remove all sorts of stains from your love seat. We spray a protective layer at the end of the cleaning that will further protect it from the stains. 
  • Recliner Cleaning- The vacuums at your home are not equipped to reach the corners of your recliner. We offer in-depth cleaning of your recliner with our strong vacuums that reach and clean every hidden corner. 
  • Lounge Cleaning- If your lounge is making your living room smell unpleasant, we have got you covered. Our professionals will give your lounge a thorough clean and deodorize it.
  • Armchair Cleaning- Pets love to cuddle up on your armchair and take an afternoon nap. Well, you do not have to worry anymore about their shedding. We are pro in cleaning the armchair of your pets’ sheddings. 
  • Seat Cushion Cleaning- We can efficiently and very effectively clean your seat cushions of any type of stains or allergens. Our teams have modern technologies that can clean different upholstery materials more efficiently.
  • Couch Arms Cleaning- Couch arms are more likely to get dirty than any other part of the couch. There is no need to worry as we in Canberra are at your disposal and just a call away. 
  • Corner Skirt Panel Cleaning– It is a tough task to clean the deep corners skirt panels of every room. They tend to collect dust and other allergens over time that cause health problems. We have equipment specially used to clean the corners of your rooms. 

We Guarantee To Remove Every Stain And Make Your Upholstery Look Brand New

If you have kids or pets in your house, stain accidents are bound to happen. However, sometimes even adults are clumsy enough to spill something on their furniture that leaves it stained. No matter what you spill, we remove all kinds of stains. We even offer to clean up the stains of vomit or urine after a house party from your favourite couch. We guarantee that once we clean and remove the stain from your furniture, it will look brand new. We even spray a protective layer and deodorize it for longer life and the furniture stays fresh for a long time. 

Instant Couch Upholstery Cleaning Services in Canberra

Is your furniture due for cleaning for a long time? Have sudden plans of people coming over to your house tonight? You do not have to worry about that. SK Couch Cleaning in Canberra has got your back. Our emergency same-day cleaning service is just a call away. You schedule according to your convenience and we shall clean your upholstery within a few hours, on the same day. Moreover, all our services are pocket-friendly. 

Fabric Couch Cleaning and Protection Canberra

We at SK Couch Cleaning deliver top-notch services for fabric couch cleaning in Canberra at an affordable price. We clean all types of upholstery fibres, including wool, cotton, suede, microsuede, microfibre and more. The cleaning team of our professionals use high-quality cleaning solutions and advanced tools to bring you the best services. We use our expertise, skills and experience in bringing the original condition of the upholstery back. Whether you want residential or commercial couch cleaning services in Canberra, we are there.

Also, along with fabric couch cleaning services, we also offer couch fabric protection services at an affordable price. We apply scotchgard onto your couches that repel stains and dirt buildup. This is the best way to make your fabric couches long lasting.

Fabric Couch Cleaning
Fabric Couch Cleaning

Why Are We Known As Amazing Couch Cleaning Service Team In Canberra?

Still confused? Well, here are a few more reasons which would convince you of our skills and expertise:

  • We use the best technology and chemicals which make sure that your couch remains safe with us.
  • All our cleaning detergents are eco-friendly and do not damage the environment in an attempt to keep your couch clean.
  •  Our cleaners are the local resident of Canberra and is well acquainted with different types of couches in the area and the methods to clean them.
  • When we say we can clean all types of dirt on your couch, we mean it. Whether it is cleaning vomit from your couch, water damage restoration, cleaning urine from the couch, or stain removal, we are up for every challenging cleaning task for your couch!
  • SK Couch Cleaning provides you with the best and the most efficient couch cleaning services in Canberra at the lowest price rates.
  • With an experienced team of professionals, we offer you a range of couch cleaning services to give you hygienic, clean and restored couches at home. Call us today to book your service!

Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia

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