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SK Couch Cleaning is a Melbourne-based cleaning service provider company that has a single aim of providing cleaning value for money. We have designed exclusive couch cleaning services that are available at cheap prices because we understand that it is a necessity and not a luxury. We clean all kinds of couches – wool couch, leather couch, cotton couch, microfiber couch, synthetic couch, and any other. Our certified cleaners have got proper training to do justice with different fabrics of couches and produce unsurpassed results – ones that is beyond your expectations!

Moreover, we have a soft corner for beauty and we love the fact that we are responsible for restoring the beauty of each couch that we clean. Our job is not just our profession but our passion too!

Couch Cleaning: Why Do You Need It?

Finding the right kind of couch – fabric, color, size, and design are prime concerns when you are ready to invest in them. And cleaning and maintaining them is another concern! Here we are sharing why you need to maintain its cleaning:

  • If you leave your favourite couch unattended for a long time then it is fated to get dirty, damaged, and a place for unwanted bacteria, fungi, allergens, and all other contaminants that you never wish to have in your home. Therefore, it is essential to clean them more often.
  • Now, you might be thinking that you clean your couch everyday and thus you are safe from all this. But the reality is different. Couches that look clean to the invisible eye are not perfectly clean from inside. The impurities find a place deep within the fiber of the couch and thus you are never able to see them. But they have an upper hand and are capable of causing health issues to you and your loved ones.
  • Apart from these, there are basic reasons for getting your couch cleaned – stain removal, odour removal, and to get that original luster back!
  • You can ensure your couches become cleaner from outside as well as inside; with no stains and odours, and there is no scope for toxic elements to live in your couch.

Couch Cleaning Steps That We Follow And Gain Superb Results

All our certified cleaners are properly trained to provide proper care to your couches and other upholstered items. We have ample experience and our cleaners follow this couch cleaning process to ensure complete satisfaction:

  1. Our couch cleaning begins with a simple but thorough inspection of the couch. The cleaning solution has to be different for different fabrics and thus we check the fabric of the couch to find the most suitable solution for it. At this stage, we take into account the amount of cleaning required and the stains to be removed.
  2. The next step is to get rid of all dry particles consisting of soil, dust, dirt, and pollutants.
  3. After removing the dry particles it is time to work on the stains. The tougher stains are pre treated with eco-friendly agents and if required powerful agitators are also used at this stage.
  4. Once the stains are pre-treated we wash the couch with the help of hot water extraction procedure. Hot water with pressure is used and vacuuming is done to extract all liquid contents including contaminants.
  5. And then it is time for drying the couches to make sure no moisture is left behind. Any level of moisture content could mar the positive results of the entire cleaning session.

With guaranteed results, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, same day and emergency services certified cleaners, and 20 years of industry experience we surely have a cutting edge advantage to become your preferred choice. We have a flawless cleaning method that ensures your couch gets a complete transformation and looks just like new. Call us today!

Couch Cleaning: Benefits Of Hiring Our Professionals

When you hire professional experts from SK Couch Cleaning for any Melbourne property, you get benefitted in various ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  • We assure to give a new life to your couches, get rid of all stains and bad odours.
  • We have special cleaning solutions for different kinds of fabric so that no two couches are cleaned in the same way.
  • Our professionals make your couches hygienic and bacteria free. We assure you that you won’t get any kind of allergies or health problems with the contaminants residing in your couch.
  • Our team promises to give you guaranteed results for couch cleaning. Our promise is backed with our training and experience.
  • Now healthy couches are just a call away because of our team presence in Melbourne.
  • We cater to all domestic as well as commercial couch cleaning requirements in all suburbs of Melbourne.
  • The latest couch cleaning equipment and highly advanced cleaning solutions are available to us.
  • We aim to deliver the finest and safest cleaning services and for that we use the finest and latest methods.

What Perks Do You Get From SK Couch Cleaning?

Hiring SK Couch Cleaning means you are hiring a team of dedicated cleaners who are appropriately qualified, trained, certified, experienced, and licensed to provide a flawless couch cleaning service. It means that you are trusting one of the most trusted names in the industry and thus have no chance of regretting your decisions later. Apart from quality and timely couch cleaning, you will get numerous other benefits of using Melbourne finest cleaning service providers:

  1. Bio-friendly cleaning solvents
  2. Professional cleaning machinery and detergents
  3. Special discounts/offers
  4. 24×7 customer care help
  5. 365 working days
  6. No obligation free quotation over phone
  7. No additional charges on public holidays
  8. Same day service
  9. Emergency service at no additional cost

So, SK Couch Cleaning has a solution for all your couch cleaning requirements in Melbourne and its suburbs. Call us to get a neat and clean couch anytime!

Hygienic & Bacteria Free Couch

SK Couch Cleaning Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement

SK Couch Cleaning, Melbourne provides a range of couch cleaning services in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001.
We are a leading cleaning company working to deliver the highest level of quality. The aim is to give all customers the finest and safest possible cleaning services while making sure that the customer requirements and expectations are fulfilled for the sake of mutual benefits.

The company supports this commitment by training and developing staff so that they are well aware of the company goals and can make sure to implement and maintain them as per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 rules. To achieve the above objectives, we stay committed to continuous improvement of both our cleaning services and cleaning processes.

As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 obligations, the employees of SK Couch Cleaning, Melbourne will be responsible for couch cleaning, couch stain removal, and couch odour removal, and other related services.

Signs That Indicate That Your Couch Needs Cleaning

  • Dirt & Stains: If you can notice chunks of dirt and sticky stains on the couch, then it means your couch needs professional cleaning. 
  • Pet Hair & Waste: In case you have a pet- get its hair short or keep them clean. Vacuuming on a daily basis can help. However, if there is a lot of hair sticking on the couch- it’s time for deep cleaning. 
  • Allergies: Some allergies are common to have, but do you know most allergies arise from home. The uncleaned upholstery can be responsible for the sudden increase in allergies & rashes.
  • Observe The Appearance: Check out your couch now. Is it looking faded, pale or dull? If yes, it may require a deep cleaning or replacement. To decide this, get a free couch cleaning consultation from us today! 

SK Couch Cleaning Special-  Couch Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Sanitisation And Deodorisation 

We keep ourselves one step ahead of all couch upholstery cleaning updations. Without harming your upholstery in any way- we are rated as the best couch cleaners Melbourne specialists by our clients. Have a look at what makes us one of a kind: 

  • Couch Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning the couch will ease the stain removal and dirt without disturbing the fabric of the couch upholstery. So, why try couch cleaning at home, when our effective steam cleaning specialists are here for you. 
  • Couch Sanitisation: Our couch sanitisation is the process that involves spraying disinfectants on the upholstery. Moreover, sanitizing the couch is highly preferable for people living in Melbourne and nearby high dust traffic suburbs.
  • Couch Deodorization: One of our best qualities is couch deodorization service. This usually takes place post couch cleaning. The sprays have a very soothing fragrance that will make your place lively and welcoming. 

We Can Clean Various Other Upholstery Besides A Couch

  • Sofa Cleaning: We are offering leading sofa cleaning options in Melbourne. Let us clean the sofa for you and enjoy the breathtaking results! Also, we send a professional sofa cleaning team to serve you just perfect! 
  • Chaise Cleaning: We can be your best option for chaise cleaning anywhere in Melbourne. We are experts in cleaning all fabric-chaises. You can rely on us for a genuine and affordable chaise cleaning.
  • Dining Chairs Cleaning: we offer professional dining chair cleaning treatments in Melbourne. Also, we are flexible at work. That makes you choose us anytime within Melbourne. We do take 24 by 7 bookings. 
  • Office Chairs Cleaning: With years of experience in conducting timely services, you can count on us for all your office chair cleaning services.
  • Love Seat Cleaning: After getting your love seat couch cleaning service from us, you can enjoy a more comfortable seat. Yes, we are taking affordable and same-day loveseat cleaning services bookings in Melbourne. 
  • Recliner Cleaning: Wishing to increase the look and feel of your recliner? But having a strict budget? No problem, we can help. Our couch cleaning Melbourne team is trained in conducting recliner cleanings at economical prices.
  • Lounge Cleaning: Getting your lounge cleaned by a professional is a lot of relaxing. Additionally, our lounge cleaners are available all day long to give you a safe lounge cleaning treatment in Melbourne. 
  • Armchair Cleaning: With our reliable armchair cleaners, you can leave all your worries to us. We are best at cleaning armchairs without harming their fabric. 
  • Couch Arms Cleaning: Just need the cleaning for couch arms? If yes, our simple couch arms cleaning service will work. We charge inexpensive charges for the best and safe couch arms cleaning service. 
  • Corner Skirt Panel Cleaning: Also, if you are in urgent need of corner skirt panel cleaning, call us today. Our specialists are available to deliver you quality corner skirt panel cleaning in Melbourne. 

Kinds Of Fabrics Of Upholstery That We Clean In Melbourne 

SK Couch Cleaning is always a reliable choice for couch cleaning services in Melbourne. We can help you with a variety of fabric upholstery cleanings. Some common fabrics we are professional at cleaning are- leather, cotton, wool, silk, linen, acetate, and acrylic, etc. So, let our couch cleaning Melbourne experts assist you with the high-quality & fabric-safe upholstery cleaning service. 

We Are Experts In Cleaning All Stains From Your Couch Upholstery

We have professional tools, solutions, and the right experts to clean your upholstery stains. Just give us a call, share your couch stain issue and we will come to help you. No matter how small, big, old, or fresh the stain is, we have the right expertise to tackle it safely. Additionally, we stay open round the clock for stain removal treatment bookings. Some stains that we can effectively remove from your upholstery are- dye, ink, paint, urine, vomit, food colouring, paint, nail polish, makeup, red wine, or coffee spills. You can also call our experts for fabric couch cleaning in Adelaide at a low cost.

Hire Best Same-Day Upholstery Cleaners In Melbourne 

We provide same-day couch upholstery cleaning treatments throughout Melbourne. Our couch cleaners are professional, prompt, and friendly. You will surely be impressed by our same day upholstery cleaning availability. Just enrol us for any of your couch upholstery cleaning requirements and we will provide you with the service within the time span of 24 hours. Also, we are readily active for emergency couch cleaning options in Melbourne.


How often should you go for steam couch cleaning?

A minimum of 1-2 times steam couch cleaning service a year is sufficient. However, it totally depends on where the couch is placed. If it is at a place where it is used more often, then you must get it clean at least twice a year.

How does our couch cleaning Melbourne service work?

First, the couch is inspected for stains and errors. Then, it is vacuumed, moistened with solutions, rinsed, and dried thoroughly. Always hire a professional couch cleaner to give you a quality cleaning experience.

Can I get a couch cleaning estimate for free?

Yes, of course. You can simply call us and our customer care executive will brief you about the service and charges. At the end of the discussion, we will give you a free estimate for couch cleaning depending upon your given details.

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