Fabric upholstery Cleaning

Afraid of Removing Fabric Upholstery Colors Along With Stains? Hire Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Experts………!!!

Fabric sofas, one that is more versatile, costs and needs less of maintenance than leather but has some complications to itself when it comes to cleaning. Hiring an expert in upholstery cleaning is the right thing to do. Sure, you can find a lot of DIY fabric upholstery cleaning tips and strategies, but trust us there is a lot more to it than you know. Call an expert from SK Couch Cleaning to clean the fabric furniture for you.

fabric Upholstery Cleaning
fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Why Not DIY Fabric Upholstery Fabric Cleaning at Home?

DIY tips and tricks can work magic but the chance of working is not high. If you have noticed various DIY articles aiming fabric upholstery stain cleaning, they must be inconsistent in using slightly different techniques that are defaulted to a particular niche for sofas only. The nature of the fabric, the stain and other important factors matter in choosing the right technique to cleanse and bring back the looks for your fabric upholstery.

What if the DIY fabric cleaning goes wrong? Forget the good looks of your beautiful piece of furniture forever. DIY ideas are prone to fault easily. Say a more concentrate solution left to react for a few more minutes can wash off the color of the fabric along with the intended stain making it look most awkward. Use of harsh solutions might worsen the strength of the fabric and lead to tears earlier than expected.

Things to Know Before Cleaning your Fabric Upholstery:

Let us see some key points that we at SK Couch Cleaning look into carefully that is not mentioned in any DIY tasks that you must know.

  • Look for manufacturer instructions: Manufacturer instructions are the key to effective Fabric Upholstery Cleaning. The booklet that accompanies the furniture often mentions the type of material used along with the quality of dye and its resistance.
  • Cleaning tag: Check for cleaning tags attached on the fabric, usually below the seating area which is not easily reachable. They have the instructions for cleaning methods in generalized terms as follows.
    • W – represents the use of water for cleaning.
    • S – means you should only use solvent based cleaners and wipe them off without the use of water.
    • WS – is the approval for use of both water and solvents.
    • X – both of the water and solvent not recommended. Only vacuum.
    • Then there are other symbols like do not place under heat, do not wash which is pretty easily understandable for everyone.
  • Type and quality of fabric exterior and cushion interior also matters when it comes to cleaning to the core which only professionals do. They are known to identify the absorption rate, water retainment and dye quality of the sofa which will help us use the right concentration of fabric upholstery cleaning solution.

How big an expert you are at DIY tasks, this is a lot to take care of and the availability of right chemical washes and equipment is whole another story. The professional set of cleaning solutions and cleaners is far apart from the microfibre and vinegar solution one uses at home. So do not think anymore in hiring a Professional Upholstery Cleaning service. Contact SK Couch Cleaning and book a free visit today.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

How Do We Clean your Fabric Upholstery?

Industry standards involve a lot of attention to detail to just wash off the ardent stain and bring back the fresh and even color of the fabric like new. Here are the steps followed by experts from our company to restore the looks of your fabric upholstery.

  • Our professionals visit the customer’s place for a quote and to schedule the time of work.
  • Furthermore, our staffs look for product information booklets and cleaning tags right then to identify the nature of the fabric upholstery thereby making a more accurate plan beforehand.
  • Our fabric upholstery cleaning professionals are on time and start with securing the place of work by using sheets on the floor and on nearby furniture to prevent them from being accidentally affected.
  • SK Couch Cleaning has adopted a complex cleaning process to ensure very clean results. These are the step by step process involved in cleaning the fabric upholstery.
  1. Vacuuming with a professional vacuum cleaner and lint remover for the tiniest of particles and substances like hair to get separated.
  2. Pre-spray of cleaning solution.
  3. The fabric is rubbed or brushed on stain intense areas.
  4. Stains that still stay are subjected to spot removal with special solvents.
  5. Fiber rinse is used for the long life of the fiber.
  6. Deodorizing methods are employed.
  7. Steam treatment.
  8. Final inspection, wiping and drying.
  • Billing is maintained the same as the estimated value. If any task is identified, the task is only performed upon the customer’s approval.
Couch Cleaning Services
Couch Cleaning Services

Hire Professionals Assistance

Comparing the SK Couch Cleaning fabric upholstery cleaning process to a two-step cleaning process of applying vinegar or solvent solution and steaming does not even come close. Upholstery cleaning on the oldest couches lying around can bring fresh looks not just to the couch but to the whole room itself. Now that you totally know the value and believe in the fresh and clean look our professionals could offer you, ring us right now at 0480096214 and get a free visit and quote today. While our experts are there, do not forget to book your next dates for Upholstery Cleaning Services so that we can take care of the schedule hassle-free.