How Can I Clean My Fabric Sofa Without Removable Covers?

It is difficult to clean sofas which do not have removable covers but it isn’t an issue if you know the right way through this and how to clean fabric sofa, get it right. Some of the steps to clean your fabric sofa in Adelaide are as below.

The Vacuum Cleaner Way

There are a few easy ways of cleaning your fabric sofa without removable covers. It’s by using a vacuum cleaner. You can find vacuum cleaners in the market which come with upholstery attachments and that will help you remove any kinds of dirt, dust from the cushion and washing couch covers. You could make use of a damp sponge to wipe down the cushion for a final touch.

Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner way is somewhat a comparatively complicated process. We would suggest that you hire a professional to get the steam cleaning done for you. This process is generally useful if you need deep cleaning done for your non-removable washing couch covers

Spot Cleaning

If there are a number of stubborn spots which needs to be removed from your fabric sofa, the steps to follow include:

  • Scoop out the dust stain particle out of the fabric sofa. 
  • Make sure to dab it clean with the use of a damp cloth. Make sure that you do not make the dabbing cloth too wet or you might have to use a blotting cloth to blot dry the place.
  • Use a detergent to make sure the stains go off. Dilute the stain using the detergent and rinse it properly.
  • Dab the stain with a wet cloth to ensure it fades as much as possible.
  • Repeat the process as many times as it takes to fade the stain away.
  • Make use of a fabric softener to ensure that the fabric sofa retains its lustre and glaze and stays as good as new even after washing it.
  • You can also deodorize it with some subtle fragrance to give it an added effect. For this, you can rely on the commercial deodorants available in the markets.
Fabric Sofa Cleaning
Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

For special kinds of stubborn stains, you might require some added steps. For example, if there is an oil stain which needs to be taken care of, add some cornstarch on it and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then scrape off the corn starch from the cushion. This can be followed by dampening a cloth and removing any kinds of excess cornstarch and couch cleaning Adelaide completely. In case of chewing gum sticking to your sofa, you can rub an ice cube on the gum so that it gets hardened and falls off. 

For ink stains, which are a very common stain in case of sofas, you can make use of rubbing alcohol to dilute the stain and get rid of it. Make sure to keep rubbing alcohol handy for the purpose. Having blotting paper in hand might also be a good idea to have a cleaner sofa.

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