Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we do provide services on weekends. You can reach out to us on weekends too. At SK Couch Cleaning, each of our cleaners is the local resident and is well acquainted with different types of upholstery and the methods to clean them. So, just give us a call and our team will always be at your doorstep to provide you with our best couch cleaning services.

Let me know the charges of you couch cleaning?

We are not at all pricey and provide a quality couch cleaning at the most reasonable price to our clients.  We have a flawless cleaning method that ensures your couch gets a complete transformation and looks just like new. Sk Couch Cleaning is a leading couch cleaning services provider in the town. Sk Couch Cleaning provides you with the best and the most efficient couch cleaning services at the lowest price rates. You will definitely get value for money.

Can we rely on your staff completely?

Yes, you can completely rely on our staff as we have got experienced professionals who are into this industry for many years. If you hire SK Couch Cleaning then you are hiring a team of dedicated cleaners who are appropriately qualified, trained, certified, experienced, and licensed to provide a flawless couch cleaning service. It means that you are trusting one of the most trusted names in the industry and thus have no chance of regretting your decisions later. So, call us now and avail our best services!!

Do you guarantee your couch cleaning services?

Yes, we do guarantee our couch cleaning services. We have full confidence in our technology and people and if you don’t like what you get from us just let us know. We will make sure to clean it again as per your expectations at no additional cost. So once you hire us to clean your couches, you can stay relaxed and assured that your couches will be absolutely cleaned. We not just guarantee 100% satisfaction but also complete peace of mind.

Does your company provide emergency services?

Yes, our company provides emergency services. We highly believe in helping our clients in emergency cases too. Our cleaners are local work 24×7. They are very dedicated and are ever ready to provide services to our clients. So you can call us on any day anytime and we will be there to give our top class couch cleaning services.

Is your company a certified couch cleaning company?

Absolutely, Our company is indeed a certified company and well recognized as the best couch cleaning company in the town. We are well known for our quality services and affordable price. We provide the finest service to our clients. SK Couch cleaning makes your couches hygienic and bacteria free. We assure you that you won’t get any kind of allergies or health problems with the contaminants residing in your couch. We will make them utterly clean.

Can you clean my leather couch?

yes definitely, we can clean your leather couch. Our certified cleaners have got proper training to do justice with different fabrics of couches and produce unsurpassed results – one that is beyond your expectations. We have an effective solution to clean your leather couch. All you have to do call us and book our service. Our team will be there at your place and will take care of your leather couch efficiently. We are just a call away!!

Are your cleaners have enough experience for couch cleaning?

Yes, our cleaners have years of experience in this industry. They are well certified to perform any type of couch cleaning service. Our cleaners know exactly how to clean any kind of couch. They never fail to give 100% satisfaction to our customers. Our job is not just our profession but our passion too.

Do you use eco-friendly solution to clean the couch?

Yes, we at SK Couch Cleaning Company use bio-friendly cleaning solvents. Our team of professionals will take a proper care of your couch and make sure it doesn’t get damaged while the cleaning is going on. We have a very effective cleaning solution which can clean your couch thoroughly. We assure you that you won’t get any kind of allergies or health problems with the contaminants residing in your couch. So, you can definitely try out our service!

Why should I clean my couch professionally?

The basic reason for getting your couch cleaning is stain removal, odour removal, and to get that original lustre back. If you leave your favourite couch unattended for a long time then it is fated to get dirty, damaged, and a productive place for unwanted bacteria, fungi, allergens, and all other contaminants that you never wish to have in your home. There are different types of fibres which can get damaged if you don’t clean it in a proper manner. The professionals have special cleaning solutions for different kinds of fabric. So, you should choose a professional to clean your couches so that they get a proper cleaning without any damage to the fabric.